A Good Place

I’m finally able to get my next post written. Where I’m at now with my treatment and life… As far as treatment goes, I must change people for my meds again. The nurse practitioner I’ve been seeing since I moved in 2020 has left the practice. I have my first appointment with the new woman... Continue Reading →

A Change in the Forecast

Carrie Fisher, in "Wishful Drinking," explains living with Bipolar like this: "Imagine though- Imagine having a mood system that functions essentially like weather..." That pretty much sums it up. I hit bottom hard this past April. I have never had a depression like this one. It was the worst storm I'd ever been through; and... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness & the Stages of Emotional Response

Has anyone heard of the Stages of Emotional Response? Let me explain what they are. The stages are: denial, anger, grief, bargaining, acceptance. These are the stages someone will go through when there is a trauma. NAMI teaches the Stages of Emotional Response in their Family-to-Family and NAMI Basics course. It’s touched on in Peer-to-Peer.... Continue Reading →

Being Where You Need to Be

IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE I was a Life Enrichment Assistant at a nursing home. It's more than just calling BINGO, by the way. I did that, but not on a daily basis. As an activities person, you're responsible for the cognitive, spiritual, and social aspects of a resident's life. I did art projects, exercise, gardening,... Continue Reading →

Being Bold: Advocating while Educating

I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for a local school district’s Mental Health Summit. The Summit was attended by 100 high school students from the various high schools in the district- all of which were chosen by teachers, counselors, and administrators. These teens attended the Summit in order to become mental health... Continue Reading →

My Grandma. My Rock.

This lady right here turned 95 in October. I am, personally, lucky enough to call her Grandma. I utterly adore her. I didn’t get to call her and wish her “Happy Birthday” until close to 7pm that night, but she picked up and the first thing she said was, “I knew I’d hear from you.”... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Jealousy, Weakness, & Will

I’ve been trying to decide how to approach this post. I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together and emotions worked out. August 2012. I started to feel the slight rise of mania. I contacted my psychiatrist. We adjusted the medication we were using as a mood stabilizer. I continued going up. The cause, we... Continue Reading →

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