Barn Goals & Confidence

I am a nerd and a creative. I know it. I’m proud of it. I am filled with information that I will likely never use; and information that most people will probably never care about. I can snap a picture or stroke a paintbrush with sure fingers and near perfect hues. The first (knowledge) is... Continue Reading →

My Illness & My Faith V

I know the post I wanted to write. That I still do. I’ve been having a hard time with it, however. The words have just not been coming to me. When I have been able to sit and get some typing done, the experience has been a bit triggering. It just wasn't the time to... Continue Reading →

Mania: A Silent Chaos

  Do you hear that? It’s as close to completely silent as I’ve been able to get. I hate (yes, hate) several symptoms of mania, but none for than this. It’s the first to show up; and it quickly wears out its welcome. Noises are everywhere. Yes. Yes, I do know that; and I love... Continue Reading →

Maybe the Storm is Your Purpose

I’ve been doing REALLY well. Other than a trigger in February that led to a short but intense bout, I’ve been just about completely stable since last August. Definitely a new record for me. I’m going 3 months between psych appointments; and my therapist and I are trying every 3 weeks as opposed to every... Continue Reading →

In Sync with Your Mental Health Team

Your mental health team. One of the points I try to stress about the treatment of mental health is the importance of your mental health team. Whether that includes a psychiatrist, therapist, or both- if it consists of a psychiatrist nurse practitioner in the mix… I sometimes, even when making this a key component in... Continue Reading →

Making the Monster a Little Less Powerful

First, I hadn’t planned on saying too much. After learning about Kate Spade, I was simply going to go about sharing what I normally do about mental health, but I would focus a little more on suicide and suicide prevention. Then, this morning we learned of Anthony Bourdain’s completed suicide. So, I went with a... Continue Reading →

Finding Balance is All in the Cards

I’m sorry for the length of time since the last post. I had hit a rough patch for a few weeks. Following it, I took some time to… Well, I just needed some sort of downtime. Well, what constitutes downtime for me. In taking this downtime and simply living did me a world of good.... Continue Reading →

It All Goes Back to the Garden

Two things led me to this little post of mine. The first being a presentation I gave yesterday titled “Gardens of Cleveland.” The second is a small speech that I’m giving at the beginning of May. I met with the Educational Resource Center of Cuyahoga County a few weeks ago after they contacted NAMI in... Continue Reading →

What it’s Like You May Ask? I’ll Tell You

In case you aren’t familiar with NAMI, let me start there. NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It’s a grassroots organization that was founded by two mothers of children with mental illness. Over time it has grown. They offer educational opportunities, outreach programs, support groups, and have knowledge of various resources for peers... Continue Reading →

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