Mental Illness & the Stages of Emotional Response

Has anyone heard of the Stages of Emotional Response? Let me explain what they are. The stages are: denial, anger, grief, bargaining, acceptance. These are the stages someone will go through when there is a trauma. NAMI teaches the Stages of Emotional Response in their Family-to-Family and NAMI Basics course. It’s touched on in Peer-to-Peer.... Continue Reading →

Being Bold: Advocating while Educating

I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for a local school district’s Mental Health Summit. The Summit was attended by 100 high school students from the various high schools in the district- all of which were chosen by teachers, counselors, and administrators. These teens attended the Summit in order to become mental health... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Jealousy, Weakness, & Will

I’ve been trying to decide how to approach this post. I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together and emotions worked out. August 2012. I started to feel the slight rise of mania. I contacted my psychiatrist. We adjusted the medication we were using as a mood stabilizer. I continued going up. The cause, we... Continue Reading →

The War Room

The War Room My church has what we call The War Room. It is a place of prayer and solace. A place to take your troubles and triumphs to God. The first Wednesday I came to church during my latest mental health struggle I sat in the sanctuary. Last week I had to come on... Continue Reading →

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